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1. Who is performing at the concert series?
2. What time does the concert start?
3. Where is the concert?
4. How do I purchase tickets for seating?
5. How far in advance can I purchase my tickets?
6. Can I buy tickets at the event site?
7. How big is my safe space pod?
8. If I have more than 4 people in my family, can we be in the same pod?
9. Can I leave my safe space pod after entering?
10. How far away is my pod from my neighbors?
11. Do I have to wear a mask?
12. What if I can't wear a face covering?
13. Can I bring a chair or blanket?
14. Is the ground suitable for sitting on?
15. Can I bring a cooler?
16. Can I bring outside food?
17. Can I bring outside drink?
18. Are food and drinks sold at Sound Check?
19. How do I purchase beverages?
20. How much do beverages cost?
21. How many beverages can I order at a time?
22. Are there public restrooms?
23. Where should I park?
24. Are pets allowed?
25. Is smoking allowed?
26. What happens if it rains?
27. How do I volunteer?
28. ADA Accessibility