Construction Engineering

A man with a lime green traffic vest, a walkie-talkie and a white hard hat
Construction Engineering issues encroachment permits, performs various types of Engineering inspection services, manages assigned capital projects as well as investigates complaints associated with encroachments and land disturbance in the City.


Encroachment permits are issued to authorize a variety of work within City right of way (ROW), including construction projects, utility connections and maintenance activities. General encroachment permits are issued to authorize working in City ROW or allow the use or blockage of City ROW. Formal encroachment permits are issued to allow a portion of a structure or a component attached to a structure to be built under, in or over City ROW. Construction Engineering also investigates complaints associated with work performed in City ROW.

Land Disturbance Permit

The Construction Enginneering Bureau performs inspections on all sites under construction to ensure that site work performed is in compliance with the approved plan, meets federal/state regulations and meets current City design guidelines/construction standards.

Capital Project Inspection

Construction Inspection is involved in the inspection of all City infrastructure improvement projects. Examples of some Capital Projects are construction of recreation facilities, parks, streets, bridges, storm drains, sewer mains, utilities and sidewalks.

Project Management

Construction Inspection also manages some of the City's Capital construction projects. Examples are: mitigating sidewalk trip hazards and other assigned special projects.

Sediment and Erosion Control

Construction Engineering checks all work sites with land disturbance permits 
during construction to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations concerning Sediment and Erosion control. Construction Inspection also responds to citizen complaints associated with construction related sediment and erosion control issues in the City.