East Parkins Mill Traffic Safety

The City Engineering Services Department has completed its analysis of traffic and safety along East Parkins Mill Road and has recommended several traffic calming measures be put in place. 

The City conducted two public meetings in the summer of 2023 to hear concerns from residents on traffic and safety along East Parkins Mill from Parkins Mill Road to Ridge Road. Engineering staff used input received at these meetings and also collected data and conducted field assessments along East Parkins Mill Road. 

A recommended implementation plan is outlined below. Comments on the East Parkins Mill Road safety plan are welcome at eastparkinsmill@publicinput.com.

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Safety Plan Recommendations

Staff endorses the following:

  • Addition of a landscape median on East Parkins Mill at the Ridge Road intersection to slow traffic entering the residential section of the road. Landscape medians result in a visible narrowing of the road, which encourages motorists to slow down. Data shows that landscape medians reduce vehicle speeds on average 1-5 mph. 
  • Creation of raised intersections, which consist of a flat, raised area covering an entire intersection with vehicle ramps on all approaches. Raised intersections operate like speed tables, which reduce speeds between 4 and 11 mph. Raised intersections are proposed at the following intersections:
    • Parkins Pointe Way
    • Collins Creek
    • Craigwood Rd
  • Modification of the intersection at East Parkins Mill and Parkins Mill Road to remove the “slip lane” for motorists turning right from Parkins Mill Road onto East Parkins Mill. This will discourage motorists from running the stop sign when making this turn.
  • Select trimming and/or removal of landscaping at key areas along the road to improve sight visibility. The City has met with several property owners and will continue to meet with other affected property owners to implement select trimming and/or removal of existing landscaping to improve sight visibility at the following key intersections:
    • Babbs Hollow
    • Collins Creek
    • Mt. Vere Drive
    • Quail Hill Drive (both eastern and western intersection locations)
    • Parkins Lake Road
    • Cleveland Street Extension

Engineering Services will be moving forward with the surveying and final engineering design for the traffic calming improvements. Implementation of the intersection modifications could begin in the spring of 2024 subject to City Council final approval of the project budget.