Conditional Use Permits and Applications

Conditional Use permits are required for businesses that would like to be open after midnight, and uses such as bars, nightclubs and event venues. Applications for Conditional Use permits require review and recommendation by the City's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) prior to approval.

Technical Advisory Committee

The TAC includes representatives from the following City departments/divisions:

  • Fire
  • Police
  • Building Permit
  • Business License
  • City Attorney
  • Economic Development
  • Planning & Development

Permit Approval Process

Begin the application process by downloading a Conditional Use Application (PDF). Monthly application deadlines can be viewed on the TAC meeting calendar.

Please complete the following two application forms:

Application for Conditional Use (PDF)

Application for Zoning Compliance (PDF)

The forms, accompanying documentation and fee may be submitted online or in person at the Planning & Development office on the 6th floor of City Hall before 2 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Once an application is submitted, public notice is mailed to surrounding property owners and the application is posted on this web page. The public comment period is 15 days.

The overall permit process takes approximately 4 - 5 weeks.

2018 Submitted Conditional Use Applications

  1. Public Notice CU 18-985 Application by El Thrifty for restaurant opened after midnight at 25 Delano Dr.pdf
  2. Public Notice CU 18-1017 application by Brass Monkey LLC for a restaurant opened past midnight use at 723 Congaree Rd
  3. Public Notice CU 18-1013 application by Jesse Van Note for The Whale to establish a bar use at 1108 S Main St
  4. Public Notice CU 18-943 application by Eugene Iozzino dba The 05 for a bar at 3016 Augusta St
  5. Public Notice CU 18-938 application by Greenville Street Hotel LLC dba Oak and Honey Restaurant and Bar at 200 E Washington St
  6. Public Notice CU 18-897 application by Allison Williamson dba Boheme Salon for beauty shop at 1631 E North St
  7. Public Notice CU 18-868 application by David Stone for Swansons Warehouse to modify CU for bar at 12 N Irvine St
  8. Public Notice CU 18-773 application by GVL LLC for bar at 109 B N Main St
  9. Public Notice CU 18-744 application by Boyce Street LLC for office at 3 Boyce Av
  10. Public Notice CU 18-746 Application by Daniel Norman for office at 1627 E North St
  11. Public Notice CU 18-201 application by Ryan Kurlfink for restaurant brewery open until 2am at 101 Airport Rd
  12. Public Notice CU 15-851M application by Nate Tomforde dba Pour Taproom to modify permit for 7 Falls Park Dr
  13. Public Notice CU 18-092 application by Debra Weaver for The Venue at Falls Park to operate event venue at 631 S Main St Unit 101
  14. Public Notice CU 18-016 application by Shawn Williamson for TOAST nightclub at 610 Congaree Rd
  15. Public Notice CU 18-020 application by Doug Cross for Gather GVL restaurant bar event venue at 126 128 August St
  16. Public Notice CU 17-940 application by Elizabeth Hunt and Heather Frechette to operate dessert bar at 732 S Main St
  17. Public Notice CU 17-1043 application by Amy Vaz to operate facility at Pendleton St between Aiken and S Textile as a Food Hall
  18. Public Notice CU 17-937 application by Bob Munnich for Larkins Restaurant for event venue at 211 E B
  19. Public Notice CU 17-827 application by Shadid Mantoto for Tropical Grille at 21 S Main St
  20. Public Notice CU 17-842 application by Shwneequa Burgess for Tasty Soul Food and Bar at 3214 Augusta
  21. Public Notice CU 17-850 application by Trish Balentine for Tipsy Music Pub at 1237 Pendleton St
  22. Public Notice CU 17-851 application by Jesse Carter for parking lot at 7 McAdoo Av
  23. Public Notice CU 17-754 531 Wade Hampton Blvd to operate bar nightclub until 2am 8-18-17
  24. Public Notice CU 17-756 802 S Main St to operate restaurant serving alcohol after midnight 8-18-17
  25. Public Notice CU 17-758 631 S Main St to expand floor area of bar open until 2am 8-18-17
  26. Public Notice CU 17-759 5 Market Point Dr to operate indoor entertainment facility 8-18-17
  27. Public Notice CU 17-760 405 Westfield St to establish restaurant operating after midnight 8-18-17
  28. Public Notice CU 17-588 69 Rocky Slope Rd to operate bar nightclub 7-13-17
  29. Public Notice CU 17-367 bar at 644 N Main St and CU 17-434 event venue at 600 S Main St and CU 17-43
  30. CU 17-345A 531 Wade Hampton Blvd Public Notice
  31. CU 17-345B 531 Wade Hampton Blvd Public Notice
  32. CU 17-003 110 E Court St -Notice of Action
  33. CU 17-068 1025 Woodruff Rd K103 and CU 17-081 225 S Pleasantburg Dr Ste D-10 Public Notice 2-13-2017
  34. CU 17-008 1243 S Pleasantburg Dr Public Notice
  35. CU 17-003 110 E Court St Suite 600 Public Notice