Parking and Trail Resurfacing

Project Summary

Resurface 135,000 square feet of parking asphalt at two city parks and one community center.

Resurface park trails in Cleveland Park and along the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Status: Parking lot resurfacing bids are under review; construction anticipated to begin in April 2018.

Swamp Rabbit Trail Information

The section of the Swamp Rabbit Trail between Linky Stone Park and Willard Street will be resurfaced to address ongoing safety and maintenance issues where the rubber and asphalt surfaces meet.

Flooding in this area causes the rubberized lane to deteriorate, resulting in an uneven running surface and the creation of a groove between the rubber and the asphalt that bicycle tires can become caught in. As a result, the rubberized lane will be removed completely and a new layer of asphalt will be applied evenly to the entire width of the trail.